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The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

If you are a Federal or U.S. Postal Service employee or annuitant, a member or retired member of the Uniformed Services or their spouse (or other qualified relative), then the U.S.offers you the opportunity to buy long term care insurance through the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program.

Note: The Federal Program may or may not be more affordable than private long term care insurance coverage. It is always wise to get expert assistance before buying an LTCI policy.

Under the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP), the Government works with insurers that are selected and approved by a Government agency. To learn more details about this program, see www.ltcfeds.com.

The Federal website states on its home page that:

More than 70% of us who live to retirement age will need long term care at some time in our lives1

This may be a sobering fact for citizens who may have been unaware of the potential financial impact involved with long term care, in addition to the 24-hour caregiving burden that may be placed upon the caring family.

In addition, most people are unaware that long term care insurance may help cover expenses for services for which most health plans and Medicare provide only limited (if any) coverage.

Health plans typically do not cover ongoing chronic care such as an extended stay in an assisted living facility or nursing home or a continuing need for a home health aide to help uou bathe, eat, toilet, get in and out of bed, etc. While Medicare may pay very limited amounts under limited conditions for recuperative, convalescent, skilled care following at least a 3-day hospital stay, medicare may not cover most long term care services which assist people with the activities of daily living over a long period of time.

1U.S. Departmnet of Health and Human Services, National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information, www.longtermcare.gov/LTC/Main_Site/index.aspx (accessed September 25, 2009).